Wednesday, April 13, 2011

NuPlus—Balanced Nourishment for a Healthy Body

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In a previous post,“Blend Up Some Fast, Fresh Nutrition,” I mentioned how you can “reset your taste buds so you begin to really enjoy (and even crave) the whole, natural ingredients.”

In line with this idea is the following piece from Dr. Chen in which he talks about whole, natural foods, balanced nutrition, and NuPlus®.

I think you’ll enjoy it!  Sunrider Dad

NuPlus®—Balanced Nourishment for a Healthy Body

NuPlus® seems like a simple product. The ingredient label does not indicate high levels of protein or vitamins. I don’t want to give you chemicals, but rather foods that your body will recognize as nourishment. In reality, your everyday diet probably includes too much protein and too many carbohydrates. By giving you more of those chemicals, your body will tip even more out of balance.

NuPlus® is so popular because it works by nourishing and filling in the nutritional gaps in our daily out-of-balance diets. Without this balance, it is hard for your body to enjoy wellness. As your body continues to find balance, you will notice that even plain vegetables taste sweeter than before. You may also experience this same sensation drinking unflavored water. When your body achieves balance, you will be able to enjoy the nutrition and taste from your food. A balanced diet is really the basic key for better health. 

Dr. Tei-Fu Chen
Founder & Chairman of the Board
Sunrider International

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