Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Choose Foods, Not Chemicals

From  Sunrider International, Wednesday May 9th 2012, 21:54 ·

Sunrider® products provide your body with concentrated foods for optimal nutrition and bioavailability. This whole-food approach to nutrition is in accord with the latest version of the federal Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which urges people to get their nutrients primarily from food:

"A fundamental premise of the Dietary Guidelines is that nutrients should come primarily from foods. Foods in nutrient-dense, mostly intact forms contain not only the essential vitamins and minerals that are often contained in nutrient supplements, but also dietary fiber and other naturally occurring substances that may have positive health effects."

This “food first” approach is based on the emerging understanding that our bodies may process nutrients in food differently from those supplied by supplements and that foods contain scores of compounds whose synergy may be what makes them good for us.

As advocated by Sunrider’s Philosophy of Regeneration®, our bodies recognize food as nourishment, not chemicals such as protein powders and vitamin pills. Most supplements are missing the vital life structure your body recognizes as food. In contrast to this, Sunrider’s formulations contain concentrated nutrients from natural ingredients with their life structure intact for better absorption, while leaving out chemically processed nutrients commonly found in other brands.
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