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The Keys to Calcium, a Two-Part Herb Cal® Tab Series

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Part One: Calcium's Role in the Body (an abbreviated list)

Because the body does not make its own calcium, it’s necessary for us to get our calcium supply from our diet or other supplements. The body will actually leach calcium from the bones and teeth if it’s not adequately found in your diet!
Here are five reasons why calcium is crucial to your health:

1) Strong bones. This is important at any age, but is especially crucial as we age and bone density decreases. Also, bones are continually growing and replacing cells, so calcium is essential for bone health and proper growth. Calcium can also help prevent osteoporosis.

2) Strong teeth. Without adequate calcium, teeth are more prone to cavities and fractures, and gum disease is more likely.

3) Muscle contractions. Working in conjunction with other minerals, calcium is vital in muscle function. Without it, you wouldn’t even be able to raise your hand!   

4) Clotting. Calcium deficiency can result in poor blood-clotting. This is important even for the simplest of cuts and nicks.

5) Nerve function. The transmission of information between nerve cells, called nerve impulses, depends upon the right amount of calcium. Without it, communication between nerve cells would be a lost cause.

So think you’re getting enough calcium?

Stay tuned for Part 2 to learn about Sunrider’s calcium supplement, Herb Cal® Tab!

The Keys to Calcium, Part Two: Why Herb Cal® Tab Rules

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Each Herb Cal® Tab contains 250 mg of calcium, or 25% of the recommended daily value, and is comprised of three different calcium compounds to help the body get its proper fill. (Chemistry alert! Calcium is never found free in nature, as it always binds to oxygen.) Let’s learn more!

1)    Calcium carbonate: The calcium carbonate Sunrider uses in Herb Cal® Tab is mined from fossilized coral for purity. Many other brands contain calcium from oyster shell, which may contain heavy metals. Calcium carbonate also contains the highest levels of elemental calcium, otherwise known as pure calcium.

2)    Calcium citrate: Produced from the calcium salt (Chemistry alert! Salts are ionic compounds that result from the neutralization reaction of an acid and a base) of citric acid which is found naturally in fruits and vegetables and , calcium citrate provides the next highest levels of elemental calcium and is easily absorbed and digested by the body. Calcium citrate also allows this product to be consumed with or without food.

3)    Calcium gluconate: Calcium gluconate is a salt of calcium and gluconic acid (which occurs naturally in fruit, honey, and tea). Although it provides less elemental calcium than the two compounds above, it is used most in medicine for treating problems arising from calcium deficiencies.

Other awesome things to note about Herb Cal® Tab are:

A)    Contains vitamin D2 to enhance absorption (not all supplements do)
B)    Can be taken with or without food (not all supplements can)
C)    Is chewable (not all supplements are)
D)    Enzymes and herbal extracts round out the formula for a superb supplement (not all have owners' expertise for expert formulation)!

Now that you know why calcium is so crucial to your health and why Herb Cal® Tab knocks the socks off other calcium supplements, it’s high time you give it a try!

Do you take Herb Cal® Tab? If so, please share your thoughts!

If not, check it out at Sunrider’s Shop Online.

And if you missed it, go read Part One about the importance of calcium.

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